Bohemian Rhapsody.  That’s where it all began…

When I was seven years old, I would perform Queen’s masterpiece, Bohemian Rhapsody, for my mom.  I had a keyboard, my mom’s old classical guitar, whatever hand-held object could pass for a microphone, and a dream.  I would jump from instrument to instrument singing at the top of my lungs.  “I’m just a poor boy!  I need no sympathy!”  My air guitar solos were legendary.  If YouTube had existed back then, I would have surely been an Internet sensation. 

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Entertainment Capital of the World.  Is it any wonder, then, that all I have ever wanted to do is perform?  I have loved to sing since I learned to speak.  Maybe before.  Most of my oldest and fondest memories all center around one thing: Music. 

For my 8th birthday, I wanted one thing, and one thing see the musical, The Phantom of the Opera.  My parents obliged, and the three of us made the trip to Los Angeles to see the touring production of Phantom.  Well, that was it for me!  My little eight year old mind was completely captivated and fascinated by the actors onstage who would suddenly, and without warning, burst forth in song! The idea that a room full of people could, at any moment, explode into choreographed dance and song was the coolest thing my little brain had ever imagined!  I knew at that moment exactly what I wanted to do with my life.    

I began writing songs in Junior High.  Songs about superheroes, skateboarding, unfair teachers, girls, and whatever else was swirling around my adolescent head.  I loved to tell stories through melodies and rhymes.  This hobby eventually became a passion, which led to other interests.  I took up guitar as a means of accompanying myself as a singer.  The acoustic guitar was the clear choice.  Easy enough to learn and self-contained.

As I got older, I found that songwriting was a therapeutic way of dealing with life’s ups and downs.  Because of this, most of my songs are emotionally driven, whether the lyrics and feel be upbeat or melancholy.   As I look back now, most of the memorable events (positive and negative) in my life can be relived and remembered through the piles of poems and songs that clutter my home.

Most of my favorite artists are acoustic-based singer/songwriters although my musical influences are extremely numerous and diverse: Train, Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz, The Goo Goo Dolls, Matt Nathanson, Josh Kelley, Matt Wertz, Tonic, Keith Urban, Edwin McCain, The Fray, John Mayer, Journey, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Sting, Queen, Bryan Adams, Sister Hazel, Switchfoot, U2, and many, many more!

Most of my time in the last few years has been spent on stage.  Whether it be as a character in a staged Musical Theater Production or rocking the house with various bands, the stage has become my comfort zone.  A home away from home. 

Music is life.