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Las Vegas Review-Journal review (abridged)

(by Anthony Del Valle, June 6, 2009)

...the entertainers are spellbinding… Brandon Albright, in white socks, cuffed jeans and black glasses, submerges his leading man good looks to bring alive the geeky rock 'n' roll pioneer. But he and director Phil Shelburne manage something more honest than impersonation. Albright has the vocal chops and charisma to make us believe this man would take the late-1950s music scene by storm. He's able to get at Holly's steely determination, tunnel vision and soft side. It's a multi-faceted depiction that goes deeper than the role deserves. review

(by Ellen Sterling, June 8, 2009)

…The setting is beautiful with the canyon surrounding the theater. It's a fun place to see a show and this was a fun show to see… As Holly, Brandon Albright is the perfect combination of pop music genius and dork. He's got the voice (including the catch patented by Little Richard who, in turn, learned it from R&B legend Ruth Brown) and the look. He's by turn very young and very sure of himself, a multi-faceted personality beautifully portrayed. He does a terrific job. review
(by Amber Romina Cassell, April 21, 2010)
 In discussing why this show is so effective and works so well, the conversation has to begin and end with the leading man himself, Mr. Brandon Albright, in the title role. This man does it all. He sings like an angel, acts with heartfelt emotion and sincerity, and plays the guitar and leaps off of amps like a fiend. He's the whole package. The only problem with Brandon Albright is that he's much better looking than the real Buddy Holly! review
(by Steven Stanley, April 19, 2010)
Under Glenn Casale’s exhilarating direction, and featuring a star-making turn by Brandon Albright as Buddy, the current McCoy-Rigby production is an all-around smash. Albright totally convinces as the brilliant singer-musician-songwriter, capturing all of Buddy’s infectious charm, good nature, and enthusiasm. He sounds just like Buddy, accompanies himself impeccably on the guitar, and just as the real Buddy did, holds the audience in the palm of his hand.

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