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I'm a singer/songwriter/actor from Las Vegas, NV.  I have traveled all over the world singing and performing in various capacities.  
My original music is acoustic based and emotionally driven.  Check out some of my tunes in the music section or take a look at photos or past performance videos.  Whatever you do, please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  
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More Rockin' Reviews for Buddy!! 

"In discussing why this show is so effective and works so well, the conversation has to begin and end with the leading man himself, Mr. Brandon Albright, in the title role. This man does it all. He sings like an angel, acts with heartfelt emotion and sincerity, and plays the guitar and leaps off of amps like a fiend. He's the whole package. The only problem with Brandon Albright is that he's much better looking than the real Buddy Holly!"
Read the entire review here:

"Albright is dead-on, although not nearly as homely as the nerdy, pole-thin Holly. His vocals are also outstanding, down to Holly's signature hiccup, or glottal stop, vocal technique."
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"Glenn Casale directs a cast of outstanding actor/musicians in BUDDY, with Brandon Albright leading the way as music legend Buddy Holly. Albright portrays good guy Holly with a passion that lights up the stage. He’s definitely got the look, but more importantly, he’s also got the musical ability. An accomplished guitar player, he’s mastered Holly’s vocal style, including the unique glottal stop that became part of his signature sound."
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Raving Review for BUDDY!!'s review of Buddy:

"Under Glenn Casale’s exhilarating direction, and featuring a star-making turn by Brandon Albright as Buddy, the current McCoy-Rigby production is an all-around smash.

Albright totally convinces as the brilliant singer-musician-songwriter, capturing all of Buddy’s infectious charm, good nature, and enthusiasm. He sounds just like Buddy, accompanies himself impeccably on the guitar, and just as the real Buddy did, holds the audience in the palm of his hand."

Read the review in it's entirety here:

NEW SONGS ADDED to music section!! 

Hey Everyone!  
I added some cuts from my Vocal Demo to the music section.  These are cover songs meant to "Demonstrate" my vocal ability.  
I included Somewhere Over the Rainbow, which was the song my mother used to sing me to sleep with, and Si Volvieras A Mi, a Josh Groban number in spanish because I speak fluent spanish and love to sing in such a beautiful, melodic language.
Take a listen and let me know what you think.



Movin' on Up! 

 So we made the Big move to LA last week.  We are living in West Hollywood while I am rehearsing for Buddy.  I was driving to rehearsal yesterday when I passed a Billboard for my show!!  Of course I had to take a picture!!  Not bad huh?

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So February 4th marked the 5 year anniversary of me and my wife's first kiss (I'm a bit of a romantic).  I was off performing in Tahiti, so I wrote this song about our last 5 years together, recorded it in my hotel room, and sent it to her on our special day.  You can hear the song by clicking on the player directly below this message.   Love is in the air!
Happy V-Day everyone!


Little You (The Last 5 Years)        
In the last 5 years, we’ve seen our share of tears, 
And what we thought might be the end was the beginning.

Whoa-o In the last 5 years, I realized 

that to have the last word doesn’t mean you’re winning.

And I’ve learned that what you want aint always what you’ll find.

And although you swear you know the outcome, You’ll be left behind.

I’ve seen the beauty of the world and know that this is true

Everything is better…with a little you.
Whoa-o in the last 5 years, I’ve learned that what gets lost in the silence 
isn’t worth the cost of saying what you feel.
Whoa-o in the last 5 years, We’ve seen the world turn upside down
and leave us hanging by a thread tied to our heels.

But through it all we stood our ground and proved that love prevails

The times we’ve cried have verified that God’s in the details.

I’ve tasted what the world can give and know that this is true

Everything is better…with a little you.

I’ve learned that what you put it to it, You get back in turn.

And though it isn’t easy, It’s well worth the lessons learned.

And though at times it seemed that these five years would never end.

I came out on top with a new best friend.

Whoa-o in the last 5 years, There were nights when I swore that I would never see
the setting of the sun.

Whoa-o in the last 5 years, The world stood still every time the words “I love you”
Slipped serenely from your tongue.

I’ve learned that those around you sometimes see the truth you don’t

And when I feel I’m sinking, thoughts of you keep me afloat.

We’ve faced the storms and fought the battles 

And through it all it’s true…

Everything is better with a little you.