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I'm a singer/songwriter/actor from Las Vegas, NV.  I have traveled all over the world singing and performing in various capacities.  
My original music is acoustic based and emotionally driven.  Check out some of my tunes in the music section or take a look at photos or past performance videos.  Whatever you do, please drop me a line and let me know what you think.  
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Recent News:

New album coming early Fall 

My new album "Little You" is in it's final production stages and will be available soon.  
It features 13 new tracks and a couple previously unreleased bonuses.
Make sure to check back to get your copy! 

Florida gigs with 80 piece orchestra!!  

I will be performing with Oh What A Night! in various Florida cities from March 13-16.  
We will be accompanied by an 80 piece orchestra conducted by world-famous arranger and conductor,
Charlie Callelo, an original member of The 4 Seasons.   
The actual dates and venues, along with links to sites where tickets can be purchased, can be found at:

New Recording Posted!! More to come! 

 I am performing in Mexico right now for a couple weeks.  Acapulco and Cabo San Lucas.  
ALSO, for those of you who care, I uploaded a newly recorded version of "Little You" for your listening pleasure.
You can hear it in the music player at the bottom of this page OR just go to the next track on the main music player on the bottom of your screen.
It should be track #2.
Hope you enjoy!!

Headlining at Riverside Casino and Hotel in Laughlin, NV 

 I am performing in Laughlin, NV September 28 thru October 3 at the Riverside Hotel and Casino.
The show is called Oh What A Night: A Tribute to Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.  
It is a great show!  Non-stop hits, great choreography, and fun patter.
Check out for details.
This is the billboard for our show.  Michael Bolton!  You can't get more Rock n Roll than that!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

So February 4th marked the 5 year anniversary of me and my wife's first kiss (I'm a bit of a romantic).  I was off performing in Tahiti, so I wrote this song about our last 5 years together, recorded it in my hotel room, and sent it to her on our special day.  You can hear the song by clicking on the player directly below this message.   Love is in the air!
Happy V-Day everyone!


Little You (The Last 5 Years)        
In the last 5 years, we’ve seen our share of tears, 
And what we thought might be the end was the beginning.

Whoa-o In the last 5 years, I realized 

that to have the last word doesn’t mean you’re winning.

And I’ve learned that what you want aint always what you’ll find.

And although you swear you know the outcome, You’ll be left behind.

I’ve seen the beauty of the world and know that this is true

Everything is better…with a little you.
Whoa-o in the last 5 years, I’ve learned that what gets lost in the silence 
isn’t worth the cost of saying what you feel.
Whoa-o in the last 5 years, We’ve seen the world turn upside down
and leave us hanging by a thread tied to our heels.

But through it all we stood our ground and proved that love prevails

The times we’ve cried have verified that God’s in the details.

I’ve tasted what the world can give and know that this is true

Everything is better…with a little you.

I’ve learned that what you put it to it, You get back in turn.

And though it isn’t easy, It’s well worth the lessons learned.

And though at times it seemed that these five years would never end.

I came out on top with a new best friend.

Whoa-o in the last 5 years, There were nights when I swore that I would never see
the setting of the sun.

Whoa-o in the last 5 years, The world stood still every time the words “I love you”
Slipped serenely from your tongue.

I’ve learned that those around you sometimes see the truth you don’t

And when I feel I’m sinking, thoughts of you keep me afloat.

We’ve faced the storms and fought the battles 

And through it all it’s true…

Everything is better with a little you.